Utilizing patent-pending technology, our Interactive Report is designed to dramatically increase the speed with which you can access the information in large documents, improve the ease of navigating through large amounts of information, and make it easier than ever to find specific information held within a large document.

Tips for Using This Interactive Report:

  • Click on the report title, and a new window will appear with an electronic version of the document in its entirety.
  • Use the built-in navigation arrows to flip through the document page by page, if desired.
  • To search for specific information by keyword, type the word in the "Search" text box and hit Enter, or click the "Search" button.
  • To save a copy to your computer for future reference, or to review while off-line, click on the "Save to Desktop" button.
  • Click on the "Send to a Friend" button to share the document with colleagues who may be interested.

Interactive Report Benefits:

Thomson Reuters and Mobular Technologies are the originators of this new paradigm in electronic publishing and distribution of Financial Reports. With unparalleled flexibility and performance, Interactive Reports provide investors with optimal accessibility to prospectuses, Annual Reports, SEC Filings, and virtually any other type of financial document. These electronic documents have many advantages over bulky PDF files, or non-portable HTML conversions:

  • No web or email plug-ins or special software is required to view Interactive Reports.
  • The report, search engine, and navigation are all combined in one compact, high-performance package; searches and browsing are practically instantaneous.
  • This report can be optimized for delivery in e-mail.The self-compressed document footprint is ideal for even low-speed modem access. When received in HTML-compliant email (like Microsoft Outlook), the document can be browsed,searched,and navigated entirely within the email window.
  • Interactive Reports allow the investor to export key financial data to a fully-formatted Excel spreadsheet with a single click of the mouse.
  • Interactive Reports provide the most flexible, timely, cost-effective solution for electronic distribution of any form of investor communications, with unique features not found in any other electronic media.
  • Drop-down menu navigation, keyword search, and page-by-page browsing features make it a snap to locate exactly the information you're seeking - immediately.
  • Use the "Send to Friend" function to forward this report.
  • Use the "Save to Desktop" feature to access this report anywhere, at any time - even offline.