In April 1995, the Company acquired NeoCAD, Inc. (NeoCAD), a private company engaged in the design, development and sale of FPGA software design tools for programmable electronic technologies, for $35.0 million in cash. The transaction was treated as a purchase for accounting purposes; accordingly, the purchase price was allocated to the assets acquired and liabilities assumed based on their estimated fair values. NeoCAD's financial results from the date of acquisition are included in the Company's consolidated financial results. The excess of the purchase price over the fair values of liabilities assumed, net of tangible assets acquired, was allocated to in-process technology ($19.4 million), the assembled workforce ($0.7 million), and developed technology ($15.7 million). The amount of in-process technology was written-off as a non-recurring item during fiscal 1996. The assembled workforce asset was amortized over two years and was completed in fiscal year 1997. The developed technology asset is being amortized over six years, $2.6 million of which was recorded as amortization in fiscal 1998, for cumulative amortization to date of $7.8 million.

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