The Company leases its manufacturing and office facilities under operating leases that expire at various dates through December 2014. Lease agreements for certain corporate facilities contain payment provisions, which allow for changes in rental amounts based upon interest rate changes. The approximate future minimum lease payments under operating leases are as follows:

Years ended March 31, (In thousands)

1999 $4,150
2000 3,268
2001 332
2002 188
2003 118
Thereafter 655


Rent expense was approximately $4.5 million for the years ended March 31, 1998 and 1997 and approximately $4.3 million for the year ended March 31, 1996.

The Company has entered into lease agreements relating to certain corporate facilities which would allow the Company to purchase the facilities on or before the end of the lease term in December 1999. If at the end of the lease term the Company does not purchase the property under lease or arrange a third party purchase, then the Company would be obligated to the lessor for a guarantee payment equal to a specified percentage of the Company's purchase price for the property. The Company would also be obligated to the lessor for all or some portion of this amount if the price paid by the third party is below a specified percentage of the Company's purchase price. The Company is also required to comply with certain covenants and maintain certain financial ratios. As of March 31, 1998, the total amount related to the leased facilities for which the Company is contingently liable is $39.8 million. Under the terms of the agreements, the Company is required to maintain collateral (restricted investments) of approximately $36 million during the lease term.

During fiscal 1998, the Company entered into an agreement for a facility to be built on property adjacent to the Company's corporate facilities. Building construction is expected to be completed in fiscal 1999. Upon signing the lease agreement, the Company paid the lessor $31.3 million for prepaid rent and an option to purchase the facility. The rent prepayment covers one year and was discounted to its present value. Additionally, the Company can exercise the lease agreement's purchase option between the sixth and twelfth month following the commencement date of the lease term. If the Company elects to exercise the option, the prepaid purchase option will be considered payment in full. However, if the Company decides not to exercise the purchase option, the prepaid option will be returned without interest at the end of the first year of the lease.

Under the terms of the agreement entered into between the Company and USIC, the Company may be required to make a third equity installment of up to an additional $30 million in the USIC joint venture, if warranted based on the capital and operational requirements of the joint venture.

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