Advancing better
health care

Anthem is putting consumers on a clear and affordable path toward health and wellness. Our affiliated health plans are helping consumers fully understand their benefits, and enabling them to develop relationships with health care providers who truly care about them. By providing information that can help consumers make better informed decisions about their health care, our plans are helping empower them to take the wheel in their health care journey.

Our plans also are arming providers with tools and resources they can use to meet their patients’ needs. When providers focus on the quality of the care they deliver rather than the quantity of patients they see each day, the result is improved health outcomes. Value-based payment models, driven by improved analytics and more personalized approaches to care, lay the groundwork for better health.

By creatively addressing cost challenges, we are enabling greater affordability for employers, consumers and providers. For example, our plans are tackling one of the most complex and costly diseases—cancer—by expanding proven care models that focus on quality care while also creating more affordable treatment options for a growing population.

Advancing better health care is the journey Anthem is mapping with the consumer in the driver’s seat.